Teach English Abroad!

Travel the world, meet new friends, learn a new language…

Do you want to teach English abroad and travel the world? Teaching English abroad is perfect for:

  • Recent university graduates who want to take a gap-year and live in another country,
  • Professionals who want to make a career change,
  • People who want to travel and learn a new language.

No teaching experience required! Earn $30,000-$65,000 a year plus accommodation doing something that you love!

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Teaching English Abroad is a Great Way to Travel and Learn a New Language While Doing a Meaningful Job!

29-hour Work Week

Teach English Abroad and travelMost teachers work an average of only 29 hours per week, including lesson planning and administrative tasks. That leaves you with lots of time to travel with your friends or on your own. You can also pursue part-time job opportunities or offer private lessons to earn more money. Some ESL teachers even take language lessons or certificate courses at foreign universities.

Live in Paradise!

Yes, most TESOL jobs are close to beautiful beaches and forests, where you can play sports or just enjoy the view! There are also many ancient ruins and historical landmarks that will awe and inspire you. There is nothing better than traveling like a local! If you like to visit unique places that are often omitted from the typical travel brochure, if you don’t like to rush on your visits, and if you like to experience all the culture and history that each place has to offer, then teaching English abroad is for you!

A Meaningful Career!

Teach English abroad for a meaningful career!Teaching English abroad isn’t only for gap-year university graduates who want to travel. Many people like it so much that they pursue a career in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) or Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Some teach English in different countries, others become teacher trainers and/or prominent writers, and a few teachers even open their own language schools! Teaching English is a lot of fun, but it also comes with great responsibilities and we have met a lot of passionate teachers who want to help people all around the world.

Learn a New Language!

Teach English abroad and learn a new language! Take the most advantage of your experience teaching abroad and learn a new language! As a certified ESL teacher, you will know which language lessons are good for you and which aren’t. You will also be able to use authentic material and engage in conversations with native-speakers more effectively thanks to the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methods that you learned during your TESOL certification course. Speaking the local language is not necessary for teaching English abroad; however, it is useful for building rapport with your students, overcoming culture shock, and getting better job opportunities at home when you return from your gap-year.

FAQ: What Do I Need to Teach English Abroad?

In general, most English teaching jobs abroad require a minimum of:

FAQ 2: Can I Teach English Abroad Without a University Degree?

Yes, you can teach English abroad without a university degree. The reason many TESOL jobs require a university degree is that it is required to obtain the work visa in most countries; however, there are many people teaching abroad without a university degree in countries that do not require it.

Some places that do not require a degree are:

  • Japan
  • Cambodia
  • Nicaragua
  • Ecuador
  • Costa Rica

NOTE: Teaching without a degree may be illegal, so contact the embassy of the country you are interested in working to learn about their immigration requirements. Regulations change and there are some recruiters and TESOL / TEFL institutes that charge a lot of money promising jobs and visa clearance. Do not sign any contracts without first checking with the embassy.

FAQ 3: Why Do I Need a TESOL or TEFL Certificate to Teach English Abroad?

The reason taking a TESOL or TEFL certification course is required for most teaching jobs abroad is that the certificate shows you received training in grammar, phonology, and methodology. In order to be a good teacher, you need to know the rules of the English language and be able to teach the language. The English Language Training (ELT) market is a $3 billion industry. Most schools are professionally run and only hire certified teachers.

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