250-hour TESOL Diploma – TESL Canada Certification


Advanced TESOL certification recognized by TESL Canada and ACTDEC UK. OnTESOL’s 250-hour TESOL Diploma program is perfect for people who want to pursue a career in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Get certified to teach English in Canada or go abroad with the highest credentials.

About the 250-hour Syllabus - TESOL Diploma

The 250-hour TESOL Diploma was developed by Coventry House International to offer advanced TESOL training in an online format. This program is an extended version of the Trinity CertTESOL / TESL Canada Standard 1 syllabus that Coventry uses in Toronto, and it also offers more training than a CELTA course.  Get the most comprehensive training in grammar, methodology, and phonology with Coventry House International-OnTESOL (See course syllabus).

TESOL Diploma & Accreditation

Upon successful completion of all exams, tasks, and assignments, graduates receive a 250-hour TESOL Diploma awarded by Coventry House International-OnTESOL. Graduates are eligible for ACTDEC UK Level 5 accreditation and those who complete a 20-hour Practicum are eligible for TESL Canada Professional Standard 2 accreditation (See accreditations and requirements).

TESL Canada certification and ACTDEC accreditation

Tuition Fee: CND$ 975 (Approximately US$ 885, EUR 645, GBP 539).

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What’s included in the 250-hour TESOL Diploma?

– Online / mobile / printable course material
Professional tutor support
– Video lectures
– Task-integrated videos
– Internationally recognized 250-hour TESOL Diploma and transcript mailed to any location in the world
– Access to job board, list of schools and recruiters


The 250-hour TESOL Diploma program was designed for trainees who need to take a TESOL certification course at their own pace in order to meet other work or study commitments. The minimum time necessary to complete this course is 2 months. The maximum time given to complete this course is 8 months.


The 20-hour Practicum is separate and optional. TESOL Diploma graduates who complete this module are eligible for TESL Canada accreditation. The Practicum can be completed in any country and there isn’t a deadline to complete this module. Visit accreditations and requirements or contact us for more information.

250-hour TESOL Diploma

Free Teaching Resources

Below you will find video tutorials on Communicative Language Teaching methods, using authentic material, teaching integrated skills, and teaching grammar.

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250-hour TESOL Diploma