Free TESOL Articles by Accredited Teacher Trainers July 16, 2013

Teach English Using Movies, TV Shows, and Online Videos

Teaching English with movies Teach English with video! Use video to teach almost any topic and students of all ages. Videos are one of the richest authentic materials because of the context, visuals, and variety of themes. This article will look at some activities and tasks that students can complete before, during, and after watching a video.

Fill in the Blanks – Teach English with Video

This is the most common kind of activity. As a teacher you can listen to the movie and prepare a part of the script and blank out some of the words for students to listen and complete. Very often the script can be found online as well. To make this activity a little more challenging you can ask the students to guess the word or phrases that have been blanked out using the context around it; and to make it simpler you can provide the first letter of the word or phrase or just provide options in a box for students to choose from.


November 3, 2012

TESOL South Korea: Using the Communicative Approach in an Education System Driven by Rote Memorization and Confucianism

TESOL South Korea Communicative Approach The education levels that a person attains in South Korea can have an enormous impact on his/her job prospects, so getting into a good university can open doors to job opportunities that simple do not exist for less educated people. This translates to a culture that puts pressure on students as young as 6 years old to perform well in school.

Rote Memorization – TESOL South Korea

What exactly are the students learning in these incredibly competitive classes? They learn facts. The Korean education system is based on a decades old system of rote memorization that is applied to every subject. Math, Society, Korean, History, Geography; all of the ten or so subjects that a student must take in elementary and middle school are taught by rote memorization.